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  • The Bar
    The Bar
  • Sip and savor legendary whiskies and original drinks
    Sip and savor legendary whiskies and original drinks
  • The Bar
From late afternoon to late evening, The Bar invites guests to settle into its stylish space for drinks and relaxed music. Savor the finest Japanese and world whiskies poured over hand-chipped natural highland ice, or sip an original cocktail.
Featured Offers
  • Bartender Crossover vol.2 「The SG Club」Shingo Gokan 6/3 Sat
    Introducing the Three New Signature Cocktails for the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko.
  • Our Signature Cocktails
    Our Signature Cocktails
    Local ingredients are showcased in original drinks inspired by the culture, nature, and spirituality of Nikko.
  • End Your Fantastic Day with a Parfait
    End Your Fantastic Day with a Parfait
    To finish your day on a sweet note, may we suggest a luscious parfait brimming with select fruits of the season, fresh from local farms?
  • Forms naturally during cold weather
    Forms naturally during cold weather
    This high-quality natural ice is made using the pure mountain water from Nikko; not utilizing a machine though - it forms naturally during cold weather. This crystal-clear ice is created with zero impurities, due to the freshness of the mountain water, and a lot of precious time and effort goes into making this ingredient. Enjoy this refreshing, natural ice, produced by local artisans, in a glass of carefully selected domestic and overseas premium whiskeys.
The Bar
Matching the finest Tochigi-grown ingredients for the noodles
Tochigi Yuzu Shio Ramen created with AFURI

The magical soup is blended by AFURI with natural spring water from Mt. Afuri, chicken broth, seafood-and-kelp dashi, and a just the right ratio of chicken fat along with their house-brewed shio-tare salt seasoning, and freshened for this collaboration with a splash of Miya yuzu citrus juice from Tokoi Farm in Utsunomiya. The result is clear, light, delicate.The yolk-free noodles are made for us by Masakiya, a century-old specialist in Utsunomiya, using fragrant Tochigi-grown wheat.The original toppings and seasonings, too, showcase Tochigi specialties, and even the bowl and accompanying dishes are hand-thrown and fired in Mashiko.